Our Vision, Mission and Philosophy

Our Vision...

M.A.T.S.S. envisions a community in which all families have access to quality Early Childhood and Enrichment programs that encourage children to love learning both inside and outside the classroom. M.A.T.S.S. pursues this vision by upholding the highest degree of quality programming for children and their families. Programming is designed for the varying needs of the community we serve through collaboration with families and staff--- enabling us to be flexible and creative to meet the changing needs of our families.

Our Mission & Philosophy...

“Children learn through play !” Our Program experience teaches a child to learn, share, cooperate and negotiate through a variety of play and “Building Block” academic activities, allowing for success and encouraging advancement in all areas of development. We believe children need not only an environment that meets their basic needs to help them grow, but also a structured program, to meet the physical, emotional and developmental needs of each individual child. Therefore, we individualize our program to meet each child’s specific growth and needs. In addition, our staff is continually reviewed in these areas by their supervisors to assure they meet our standards of quality childcare. We work closely with parents/guardians to create an environment that is most beneficial to their child.

“We build children from the inside !” Our Mission is to be sure every student walks out of our door feeling better about themselves then when they walked in. We use our program as a therapeutic vehicle to bring confidence and self-esteem to children. They are valued for their essence, their human qualities, their persistence, their curiosity, and their humor. Every child has the opportunity to become an achiever and a champion. This is a place where every child can know and feel unconditional approval and acceptance.

Our Philosophy is simple....
To provide a RAINBOW of quality and affordable programs to play, learn & grow all under one roof!!

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