Our Valet Kids Carpool Service

Not available at most other Childcare/Nursery School Centers---

M.A.T.S.S. uniquely offers parents/caregivers an optional drive through child drop-off/pick-up service. We call it Valet Kids’ Carpool and there is no additional charge!

Families drive up along-side one of our designated building entrances and our staff will come to your car, greet and bring your child(ren) to their assigned classrooms. No walking them in necessary and so much easier when you have more than one child or a baby with you. We only ask you to naturally show us your program specific Security ID Card--- it’s that simple. It’s optional, no participation required.

This service is available by location and by program. Most of our School, Summer Day Camp and Mini-Camp programs participate. Some programs may only have a drop-off available. Check availability with each location and program at time of registration.

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